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Stunt Coordination, performers and doubles

The UK’s number one supplier to Film, Television and Commercials

stuntman on fireFormed in 1999 by established Stunt Coordinator, Justin Pearson, Pearson Stunt Services is your one stop shop for all your stunt action needs from stunt performers to stunt equipment. Equity and BSR registered, Justin is a Level 4 HSE Stunt Coordinator with 20 years experience and over 200 professional credits to his name in mainstream TV and film.

Free script and budget breakdown for your production and a free pre-visualisation service at your disposal, winner of multiple awards, including 3x Screen Actors Guild Awards, Pearson Stunt Services is your first port of call!

Further to his stunt coordination work, Justin has written a book, detailing his professional life within the stunt sector. This is available at AwayWithMedia.